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Play Review

Attend a performance of one of the fall plays, Sleepy Hallow or Into the Woods, and write a play review. Or, view a stage production on YouTube. Then, write a typed, 3-4 page (800-1200 words) play review. It must be MLA formatted.

If you choose to view a stage production on YouTube, see the attached list, and then consult the instruction sheet for how to write your review (also attached). Keep in mind, a play review is not a summary of the story. You must discuss performance/production aspects of the play/musical. If you adequately meet the criteria, you will receive 100 points extra-credit.
* If the link to the play or musical you want to view is no longer active on YouTube, find an alternate link to the production. If there is a play or musical you want to view that is not on the list, see me for approval.
Due Monday, 11/27 by 11:59 p.m. No late submissions will be accepted.