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Peer Counseling Period 3 Assignments

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Past Assignments


Resumes and Cover Letters in Google Classroom

Resumes and Cover Letters

There are TWO parts to this assignment. The first part is an individual assignment. Make sure you complete sheet 7.3 Resumes and Cover Letters (watch the two videos and open the infographics to see all the features). The second part is to work with your group to evaluate a resume and cover letter. (Divide these up among the groups in our class; there are 4 of them to complete in total.)


Paying for College Activity in Google Classroom

Paying for College Activity

Hi guys. I'll be at Castle Rock Monday, so here's an interesting look at the cost of college. Some of you might be well aware since you've committed to your college. For others, it's a good research opportunity. Thanks for continuing to work on these lessons while I'm away. I'll see you soon.


Advertisements & Dark Patterns in Google Classroom

Advertisements & Dark Patterns

Complete the following activity in class. Please discuss with your table group after each section.


Change a Bad Financial Habit in Google Classroom

Change a Bad Financial Habit

Complete the following activity either here (in Google Classroom) or in your notebook. We will discuss the parts along the way and watch the video about habits together.


Peer Counseling Contract in Google Classroom

Peer Counseling Contract

Please read and sign the following contract for peer counseling. Thank you for agreeing to take your PC duties seriously.