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Active Clubs 2023-24

Aerospace and Aviation Club J. Wai New 10/23 Students who share a common interest in the field of Aerospasce ranging from rockets and missiles to general aviation.
Aftershock Christian Club J. Santana 9/2023 An organization that will further students' knowledge in Biblical studies and provide a nurturing space to grow in relationship with God.
ALLSports.News Club A. Avina 9/23 Summarize news from all sports for the convenience of our listeners
American Cancer Society J. Martin 9/23 Learning and spreading awareness about cancer
American Red Cross Club M, Hail 9/23 Committed to fulfilling the Red Cross mission of "preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies"
Aquatics Society K. Iwanaga New 10/23 An organization that wishes to further educate students on the care of keeping aquatic life and the way aquatic ecosystems work.
Amnesty International K. Dalton New 10/23 To advance the ideals of Amnesty International. Our goal is to promtoe human rights, educate about ongoing human rights violations and more
ANTs K. Parra New 10/23 A society that aims to educate high schoolers about the function of both human and animal bodily structures
The Art of Fencing Club C. Logasa New 10/23 For students interested in the sport and history of the art of fencing and why it can be considered an art.
Art Society V. Hwang 9/23 Student artists can congregate to discuss art-related events, inform each other about art school requirements and more
Asian American Christian Ministry (ACM) J. Bae 9/23 Will advocate for and encourage Christian fellowship between Asian American students and our school community
Astronomy Club L. Arionus 9/23 Explore the vast field of astronomy in an engaging and interactive environment
Automobile Club J. Wu New 10/23 Interest centered club for anyone interested in or looking to learn more about automobiles
Beauty4Youth M. Rosas New 11/23 To give back to the community, specifically senior homes. Provide opportunities including pampering and self-care days
Best Buddies S. Robles 9/23 Our club strives to create one-on-one friendships between DBHS students & students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Books for Kids Club A. Lee New 9/23 Develop Individual leadership and responsibility in students.
Brahma Cinematics M. Enriquez 9/23 to unite those interested in filming as a hobby or career. We specialize in the creation and discussion about movies.
BSU (Black Student Union) K. Malveaux   A community where students can openly express their views on current events and learn about black history
California Scholarship Federation (CSF) D. Daza, M. Baiz 9/23 Statewide service organization that provides students with a myriad of service opportunities.
Calisthenics Club M. Cooke New 11/23 Aim to teach and motivate students into improving themselves through the usage of bodyweight exercises, control, stability and discipline
Cantonese Club J. Wu, K. Chan 9/23 Will share the customs, traditions, and language of Cantonese culture
Chess Champions E. Sorensen 9/23 club that looks to further students' interest in the game of chess and to offer training & community to all levels of players
Chinese Culture and History Club J. Lu 9/23 Introduce Chinese traditional culture and gather Chinese people in school. Opportunities to attend Chinese festivals.
CLASS OF 2024 S. Tenace, S. DeCambra J. Bae ok Class Committee
CLASS OF 2025 J. Silver, Alexis Feix, D. Daza ok Class Committee
CLASS OF 2026 C. Logasa, A. Conway ok Class Committee
CLASS OF 2027 D. Mair, E. Vasquez-Campbell ok Class Committee
Clothes for Cause S. Acciani 9/23 Collect clothes and donate to schools for students in need.
Code Club (C2) A. Tran 9/23 Provide opportunities to expand members' coding skills and interestes
Comics for Causes E. Sorensen 9/23 Will support charities by utilizing creativity and comics
Computational and Systems Biology Club (CaSB) A. Tran 9/23 For students interested in computational and systems biology through hosting various games and events
Coptic Christian Club S. Navarro 9/23 Will attempt to strengthen the spiritual lives of its own members and to increase awareness of the Coptic Orthodox Faith
Costco Club D. Mair New 10/23 To gather those students interested in wholesale industry through weekly discussions on optimal shopping strategies.
Crochet Club C. Moskovitz 9/23 To further those who are intrigued in learning or practicing the art of crochet
CyberPatriot E. Sorensen 9/23 Teach about cyber security and provide an opportunity to compete in the Cyber Patriot Competition
DBHS ASL Club S. DeCambra New 11/23 Will further interest those in learning American Sign Language to expand communications with others and implement these skills in real-world situation
DBHS Book CLub T. Dreyer New 10/23 Will further the interests of those who enjoy reading books in our school
DBHS USACO Club D. Razo 9/23 Will aid those interested in competing in the USA Computing Olympiad in our school
DB Real Estate Club A. Wolf New 11/23 Experience in real estate management by offering hands on volunteer opportunities, enabling participation in refurbishing and building community projects
DND Club B. Pentangelo New 9/23 Provide DB students who enjoy playing dungeon & dragons a place to gather and go on quests together.
Dance to Give Club Jill Riley, T. Dreyer 9/23 Shares the passion of dance with participants while promoting wellness and giving back to those in need.
Debate Club D. Mair 9/23 Further the interest of those who wish to become better speakers and compete at a higher level
Define Feminism Club M. Enriquez New 9/23 Raise Money to donate to feminish charities, talk about feminism
Dimension Dance Crew Club J. Riley New 10/23 K-Pop dance club that will learn original K-pop choreography and perform dance covers together at school events
Dronescape Club A. Tran 9/23 Gain experiences in learning how to build and program a drone.
Dutch Club J. Pierce 9/23 Allow Students to learn about the Netherlands
Ecollect E. Sorensen 9/23 Unite those interested in bettering the environment through the collection of e-waste
Endangered Species Club T. Hebert 9/23 Focuses on helping the community's environment and animals. Volunteer at local animal shelters and raise money
ENGin Club R. Romero 9/23 Focus on issues centered in Ukraine through personal impact-digitally helping war impacted Ukrainian youth develop their English
ESports R. Thomas, D. Ghermezi 9/23 Serves to create a community of gamers, both casual and competitive.
FBLA J. Pierce, L. Morales 9/23 The largest career student busines organization in the world. Helps prepare members for careers in business
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) C. Lee 9/23 To provide a place for students to unite, inspire, and encourage by learning the word of God and applying those principles
Filipino Club (Bayanihan) M. Enriquez 9/23 Bayanihan, also known as The Filipino Club will bring students together to learn about the Filipino culture
French Club T. Tietz 9/23 Offers a unique experience to learn about the French language and culture.Enjoy french dishes and activities.
Game Dev A. Tran 9/23 Foster Interests and skills related to game development
Girl's League L. Pacheco 9/23 Part of a global effort to make the world a better place. Raised & donated to fight breast cancer, offer dbhs seniors scholarships and more
Giving Children Hope J. Bae 9/23 To unite those who are interested in helping children and their families
Golf on Top R. Garcia New 11/23 To give students who are passionate about the game of golf a chance to volunteer and give back to the community. Also aims to inspire young golfers
GSA T. Tietz 9/23 A safe space for members to discuss LGBT+ issues and to make friends within the community
Guitar Club S. Acciani New 11/23 Hopes to spread the love of guitar to others in our school
Health Bridge Initiative S. Acciani New 11/23 An organization that will ensure accessible healthcare and support services for immigrants and underprivileged communities
Heart of Hope S. Acciani 9/23 To unite those who are interested in helping others, specifically children with special needs
Henna with a Heart B. Zavala 9/23 Learn and practice the art of henna.
History Bowl E. Clark 9/23 Will prepare students for the National History Bowl Competition
Home Necessities Club M. Hail 9/23 Educate and emphasize the importance of an understanding of one's household.
HOPE C. Del Muro 9/23 For those who are intrigued in learning about Hispanic culture/heritage
HOSA C. Paulson 9/23 To enhance delivery of compassonate, quality health care by providing the knowledge, skill and leadership development
ICanHelp J. Bae 9/23 Spreading positivity and empowering students through social media
IDOT Design C. Chen 9/23 Opportunity to learn animation, digital art, and design.
Interact M. Cooke 9/23 Rotary-sponsored community service organization that aims to help others through the motto "service above self"
K-Pop Club A. Lee 9/23 aims to promote the love of K-Pop music, and to spread knowledge regarding the histroy and growth of the genre
Key Club M. Ku 9/23 Oldest and largest student-led service organization for high school students. Meet new people, strengthen leadership skills.
Kids to Kids D. Mair 9/23 Help elementary school kids with their homework
KIT Club S. Acciani New 10/23 Volunteering and helping out those in need. Members will develop better social skills through talking with other people with all types of backgrounds
Kode4Kids Diamond Bar A. Tran 9/23 non-profit organization for those who seek coding related volunteering opportunities
Language and Linguistics Club A. Wolf New 11/23 For those interested in the study of language and its structure, and languages including but not limited to methods of learning them.
Latin Dance Club J. Lu New 11/23 For those interested in learning latin dance and its culture
Lens G. Chan 9/23 Improve photography skills. Will do various themes, competitions and events.
Link Crew T. Aparicio 9/23 Welcome incoming freshmen on campus and facilitate their transition from middle school to high school.
Literature Club G. Hernandez 9/23 Encourage reading among peers
Magic Club S. DeCambra 9/23 help spread happiness with magic and teach students about sleight of hand
Marketing Missions A. Wolf New 10/23 To explore the world of marketing and advertising while also delving into the economic aspects that drive thest activities.
Math Team Lordi 9/23 The DBHS Mathematics team is a successful comptition/team-oriented community of students who love mathematics.
Media Literacy Club T. Dreyer 9/23 Will further those in interpreting and criticizing the media's biased news sources.
Mission Initiative Club Jose Marquez 9/23 To equip and spread the love of Jesus Christ to our peers
Music Mates M. Santos 9/23 Help aspiring middle-school students become greater musicians through lessons led by DBHS students
Nat'l History Day Competitors Society (NHD) J. Wu 9/23 Unite those who are interested in the National History Day competition and expanding their worldview
National Honor Society (NHS) T. Dreyer 9/23 A nationally recognized club that emphasizes scholarship, leadership & excellence with volunteer events to serve the community
Neuroscience Club J. Wu 9/23 Give members a firsthand look at neuroscience, a relatively niche under STEM.
Operation Smile A. Conway 9/23 Supports infants born with cleft syndrome
Origami Oasis Club R. Dizon New 11/23 Brings together students through the simple yet complex art of folding decorative paper into intricate designs
Outing Club T. Dreyer 9/23 Will provide opportunities for students to engage in outdoor activites and adventures. Promote physical fitness, teamwork & appreciation for nature
Outreach I. Turner 9/23 Help enrich after school activities for children who have social, mental or economic shortcomings.
Paws for Cause Club S. DeCambra 9/23 Will advocate for animal health and low-income pet owners. It will also allow students to have hands on experiences with pets by volunteering
Peer Counseling D. Mesdjian 9/23 To support and educate our peers through social and emotional guidance
Physics Team T. Hebert 9/23 Unite those interested in Physics and to enchance their learning
PickleBall Club P. Murphy New 9/23 To further those interested in learning about PickleBall
Ping Pong Club J. Bae 9/23 For those that enjoy playing the sport of Ping Pong
Planet Arboretum E. Sorensen 9/23 Environmental awareness club, focusing on outreach, fundraising and volunteering for a positive change.
Poetry Club (Previously DB Poet's Society) C. Chen 9/23 This club will unite poetry enthusiasts
Politics Society T. Dreyer 9/23 To empower students to make their voice heard, be advocates for change and understand the political system
Print3d Works A. Tran 9/23 Combines engineering and arts and allows students to gain hands-on experience with machinery that will make their work come to life
Project Blush K. Dalton 9/23 To create an opportunity for children and adults to feel good by caring for their bodies and appreciating themselves
Research Club D. Wai 9/23 Aims to provide students with a community to get involved in STEM laboratory research
Rubik's Cube Club D. Razo, D. Daza New 9/23 To foster a passion for problem solving and intellectual growth through exploring and mastering the Rubiks Cube puzzle
Sail Club (Scholastic Artificial Intelligence League ) V. Lu New 11/23 Scholastic Artificial Intelligence League (SAIL).Educate and assist aspiring programmers interested in Artificial Intelligence.
Science Bowl Jose Marquez 9/23 Nationwide academic competition that tests students' knowledge in all areas of science and mathematics.
Science Olympiad J. Bae 9/23 Competitive team that participagtes in events focusing on different scientific disciplines.
Sculpting Club V. Hwang New 11/23 Will allow those interested to try sculpting by using clay to make their own creations
Sing Out R. Langham 9/23 To serve the local community by visiting and performing music for individuals who are isolated such as in hospitals & assisted living facilities
Skate Club C. Morgan 9/23 Unite those interested in various aspects of skate culture, including skateboarding
Sneaker Club J. Wu 9/23 Unite the Sneaker Community at DBHS. Whether you collect, buy, sell or wear sneakers.
Society of Women Engineers (SWE) T. Hebert 9/23 Aims to offer women and girls a unique place and voice within the engineering industry
Spanish Club C. Sorensen 9/23 Educate and spread knowledge of Spanish culture to others on campus and keep it alive ourside the classroom.
Strike-A-Chord Project S. Robles 9/23 Club will provide music education/therapy for students with disabilities in the WVUSD
Sunshine Club J. Lu 9/23 To brighten the lives of pediactric cancer patients while spreading childhood cancer awareness.
The Supreme Club R. Rodriguez 9/23 To learn spcifically about America's Supreme Court
Taekwondo Club D. Lopez, J. Bae 9/23 An organization that will further interest those in learning the fundamental skills of Taekwondo
Taiwanese High School Association J. Lu 9/23 an organization that will unify the students of DBHS that are enthusiastic and eager to learn about Taiwanese culture
#TEAMJADE S. Acciani 9/23 A global campaign associated with liver diseases.we raise awareness on ways to fight liver disease.
Team Sprocket (Robotics) G. Aguilar 9/23 Competes in First Robotics Competition League. Build a robot and use it to complete various tasks on the field.
Tidy TIdes Club J. Wu 9/23 Committed to the conservation of our coastlines and educating others on the dangers of ocean pollution and how we can prevent it.
True Crime Club C. Morgan New 10/23 Evaluate, analyze and discuss true crime stories
UNICEF E. Clark 9/23 Works to help those in need around the world. Raise awareness about issues affecting children & raise funds to help these families
United Strings Harmony M Santos 9/23 Bring students together who have a passion for string instruments, and to provide a service to our community through performances
Upcycle Club K. Malveaux 9/23 Dedicating to raising awareness of global-environmental issues and teaching the practices of a circular economy within out school and community.
USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) E. Sorensen 9/23 prepares students to take the USABO exam. We host bi-weekly biology learning sessions & compete in interactive games
Vietnamese Student Association C. Johnson 9/23 Strive to promote vietnamese culture beyond the surface and explore the culture deeply.
Women in STEM (WiSTEM) R. Garcia 9/23 Strive to advocate for women representation and leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathmatics.
Young Investors Society Club D. Mair 9/23 Aims to teach the fundamentals of investing in the stock market.
Youth + Government E. Sorensen 9/23 Exposing students to government like settings and improve public speaking, research, questioning, and speech writing skills