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DBHS Wellness Center
Empowering Student Wellness from Within
Our Mission Statement
The Diamond Bar High School Wellness Staff is committed to creating a supportive environment for students by providing wellness education and resources. Our peer counselors are equipped to assist students by guiding them to develop healthy strategies for personal well-being, which will promote individual academic success and improve the overall school climate.
DBHS Wellness Program Vision Statement
The Wellness Staff at Diamond Bar High School continually strives to be responsive to the overall needs of all our students. We believe that the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of our students are the foundation of a well-balanced approach to personal success. Additionally, we acknowledge that adolescence is a challenging time, as well as an advantageous opportunity to positively affect our students' personal and academic functioning.
The DBHS Wellness Center will be an inclusive, nonjudgmental space available for all students who wish to seek additional support and/or access to wellness services, education, and resources. Furthermore, the wellness program will endeavor to develop and remain responsive to the changing wellness needs and trends of our school community.
DBHS Wellness Center is located in Room # 254 and opened in January 2016. 
Drop by during periods 2-4 or lunch and check it out!