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Mock Trial Season Ends In Quaterfinals

It was a tough quarterfinals competition Monday night, November 27! Our MOCK TRIAL TEAM lost to the team that beat us in the finals in 2019, Monroe HS. Obviously, they are a great team.

But our students were amazing!

Congratulations to the students and their coaches, Latitia Thomas and Margaret Ku.

The trial began with Pre-trial:

Chloe Zhuo argued for the Prosecution that the Detective’s use of geofence data was not based an overbroad warrant and even if it was, the detective acted in good faith. Chloe gave a 4-minute argument that she had to adapt to fit the defense’s motion when she couldn’t know the defense’s motion until last night when they gave it. Chloe’s argument was amazing, performed with NO NOTES, none! And, she had to field questions from the judge throughout, questions she couldn’t know in advance. She was REDICULOUS! The other team agreed and awarded her MVP of the night.

The judge also agreed, it was the first round of competition he told us that he ruled in favor of the Prosecution.

Opening statement was given, also completely memorized, and flawlessly delivered, by Chloe Schaefer.
The 3 trial attorneys for the night: Chloe Schaefer, Gloria Nien and Jeremiah Jung were poised, professional, prepared and a little (or a lot) intimidating.

The first witness called was Det Nova Perren played by Mia Artale. Mia gave her best detective answers when she described the details of her investigation, “Yes Maam, she did.”

Next, Chief Medical Examiner played by Samantha Lu was a showstopper. Samantha is so believable as the expert. Her tone, matter-of-fact delivery, knowledge of technical jargon was all flawless.
The victim’s Holistic Wellness Coach, played by Hilary Hui, made us think we should all have a wellness coach. You could just feel how supportive she was of those that she helped.

Finally, the victim’s sister, Emari Sunshine, the person who became CEO when her brother was murdered, was played by Neval Balik. If you heard Neval that night, you would believe that she had no idea that her brother’s fortune would be hers upon her brother’s death.

Our 3 trial attorneys then cross examined the Defense’s witnesses. Every cross was effective, every single one.

Finally, the evening concluded when Jeremiah Jung gave a stinging 7.5-minute memorized closing that included quotes heard in the courtroom last evening. Jeremiah’s 7 years of Mock Trial (he also did it for 3 years at Chaparral) were especially obvious last night. His big voice and even bigger presence were a master class for would-be litigators.

The end of the season is always tough. All of us who have the privilege of watching students invest in something that they are passionate about can’t give up the bad, not when the rest is so great!