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Class of 2025 GLC Newsletter

Class of 2025 GLC Newsletter: Volume 3 Issue 9
Greetings Class of 2025 Students and Parents,
Class of 2025-Diamond Bar High School 11th Graders
As your Grade Level Coordinators-GLCs, we will work with you and guide you through your high school experience here at DBHS.  Periodically, we will send out a GLC Newsletter with timely announcements which affect our class.  We encourage parents and students to closely read these GLC Newsletters and avoid missing out on important topics, deadlines, announcements etc.
This will be our last Newsletter of 11th grade.  We encourage our students to stay busy and productive this summer, but most importantly, we encourage our students to spend some quality time “recharging” their batteries.  We encourage our students to reconnect with family and friends, read books for leisure, relax around the pool, go to the beach, walk their dog and simply relax and prepare for the 2024-2025 school year.
We had a great turnout for our two College Admission Workshops held during lunch last Wednesday and Thursday, May 22-23.  We covered a great deal of information on what our students should be doing now and during the summer in preparation for the College Admission’s process in the Fall.  Topics covered and recommendations are below and you can find these items on the Class of 2025 Webpage.  We will be adding additional items to our Class of 2025 Webpage over the summer starting by the end of the first week in June.  Look for the  PINK  documents.:
  • College Admissions Information Handbook
    You will learn so much when reviewing this handbook! Topics covered in the Handbook include:
    • College Application information/links to the Cal State University-CSU, University of California-UC, and the Common Application.
      • Includes Application Dates etc.
    • Information on the UC Personal Insight Prompts and the Common Application Essay Prompt.
      • Students should work on their responses this summer.
    • Community College Information
    • Information on the Senior Profile which is the document our students will need to complete and submit when requesting a Letter of Recommendation.
  • The Power Point Presentation covered with your student at the workshop.
  • Other topics of interest you will find on the Class of 2025 Webpage:
    • Steps To Follow-Applying To College
    • Choosing A College Major-“The Staircase Approach”
    • Link to the UC/CSU A-G Course List

Dream-Plan-Pursue…We encourage our students to dream about what they want out of life, make a plan and pursue the plan!
Mrs. Lauren Osajima-Intervention Counselor-Office 277
Mrs. Stacy Woodward-School Psychologist-Office 252
Mrs. Inger Turner-School Psychologist-Office 252
Wellness Center-Peer Counselors available for all students during periods 2-3-4 and during lunch-Room 254
Kevin Patterson            Students Last Name A-Lio                  [email protected]
Stephanie Duenas        Students Last name Lip-Z                   [email protected]
Julie Salas                   Pathways Academy                            [email protected]