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If you need extra help:

1. Make sure that you are being diligent and that you are not distracted.
Turn off the TV, Computer, Cell Phone.

2. Make sure that you are REALLY trying EVERY homework problem.
If you miss a problem, try it again! After you copy the solutions ..... TRY IT AGAIN.

3. If you need extra problem and notes: Purchase the Barron's Book for AP Calculus.
This book will be equally beneficial for the Calculus AB an BC exams.

4. Go to CSF tutoring. It is available before school, at lunch and after school.
See the schedule in my classroom. (By my FIVE clock).

5. If you need individual help: Contact the CSF advisors (Mrs. Matloub and Ms. Burns).
See if they can refer a CSF student to you.
You can always check with private tutoring companies as well.
See me in the morning. I am usually here around 6:30 am.

Learning Calculus is like learning any other skill (musical instrument, sports).
It takes practice and discipline.
Try to practice correctly and LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

Hope this helps!

Mr. Brose