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Physical Education Courses 2015-16





PREREQUISITE: Ninth grade students not enrolled in athletics 

This course is designed to introduce all ninth grade students to the Brahma physical education program. In accordance with Ed Code Section 33352(b), this course addresses the content areas of aquatics, rhythms/dance, and individual and dual activities. Instruction on the effects of physical activity on dynamic health and the mechanics of body movement is integrated throughout the school year. One day of classroom instruction per week in “Fitness for Life” is included. Students will also participate in physical fitness activities designed to prepare them for the Fitnessgram physical performance test. **Senate Bill 78 requires all 9th grade students to take the Fitnessgram physical performance test. This assessment examines 6 elements of physical fitness. Student who do not meet the fitness standards of any 5 of the 6 fitness areas are required, by law, to take physical education in grade 10 and in subsequent grades until they meet the standards for 5 of 6 areas.** 


GRADES 10-12 


This course is designed as a follow up to Kinesiology I. In accordance with Ed Code Section 33352(b), this course addresses the content areas of combatives, gymnastics and tumbling, and team activities, as well as the effects of physical activity upon dynamic health and mechanics of body movement. Students will also be introduced to the following consist seven sports: FLAG FOOTBALL: Fundamentals and terminology of football. Fundamentals that are stressed include passing, kicking, and pass receiving. Basic offensive and defensive strategies will be taught. SOCCER: The fundamental skills of soccer will be emphasized in this course, including dribbling, shooting, and goal tending. Offensive and defensive strategies will be covered in practice and game situations. SOFTBALL: Throwing, fielding, and batting skills will be emphasized in this course. Drills will be emphasized to promote skill instruction, with game situations used to introduce offensive and defensive strategies. SPEEDBALL: The fundamental skills of kicking, catching, and throwing the ball will be encouraged. BASKETBALL: This course will include instruction in the following basketball fundamentals: shooting, dribbling, and rebounding. Basic offensive and defensive team strategies will be taught along with the principles of good teamwork. VOLLEYBALL: This course in the fundamentals of volleyball will include the overhand serve, bumping, setting, and spiking techniques. Ball handling drills and skills will be a major part of this course. RACQUETBALL: Fundamentals including the serve, forehand, backhand, lob and dink will be taught. Doubles’ and singles ’strategy will be taught. TENNIS: A course in the fundamentals of the sport including the serve, groundstrokes and footwork. Drills and techniques will be emphasized. Repeatable for credit. 


GRADES 10-12 


PREREQUISITE: Grade of A/B in Physical Education class or teacher approval 

The course is centered upon the improvement of the six fundamental ability factors of human beings: 1. strength 2. skills 3. flexibility 4. cardiovascular 5. muscle growth and 6. Neuromuscular improvement. The course is designed for the motivated individual who is willing to work very hard. Requirements may include written reports and exams as well as physical performance expectations. Repeatable for credit. 


GRADES 10-12 


This course is designed for students who are interested in participating in physical activities on a regular basis. Students will develop, improve, maintain physical fitness; learn and practice lifetime activities; and acquire the knowledge that physical exercise is essential for healthful lifelong living. Activities include step aerobics, power walking, circuit training, yoga, nutrition and other aerobic and anaerobic activities. Requirements include a fitness notebook. Repeatable for credit. 


GRADES 9-12 


PREREQUISITE: Approval of Coach 

This course is designed for students who participate in interscholastic sports. Students will be required to practice and compete beyond the normal school day. Only students who are on the following teams are eligible: FALL SEMESTER SPORTS . . . football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer, wrestling and girl’s tennis. SPRING SEMESTER SPORTS. . baseball, golf, softball, track, badminton and boy’s tennis. Repeatable for credit.