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Schedule Change Request



Dropping a Course? 


End of Instructional Week 6: Students may drop a course without any record appearing on their permanent academic transcript through week 6.  September 22, 2023 is the last day of the first 6-week grading period.  If a student were to drop a course during weeks 1-6 of instruction-the dropped course would be replaced with a Teacher’s Aide position (or with no class-per GLC approval). This may require other classes, teachers, or periods being adjusted/changed.


After Instructional Week 6: A student who drops a course after the first six weeks of the semester September 17,  2021 shall receive an F grade on his/her transcript. In an extenuating circumstance determined by the principal or designee, if a student is earning a (D-) or higher at the time of the drop, a grade of Withdrawal/Pass (W/P) will be recorded. (W/P)-Does not affect the student’s GPA. (F)-Will affect the student’s GPA.


Level Change ? 


If you need to adjust from an Honors-level course to a College-Preparatory course: Students may request an adjustment to their schedule from an Honors-level course to a College-Preparatory course through week 7 or 1- week after the end of the first grading period-September 29th. For example: English III Honors changing to English III. These changes will only be made if space exists in the new course. Students must discuss this option with the teacher and identify strategies for success in the course before seeing their GLC. The student must provide their GLC with parental/guardian permission/approval of the request. Changes in the student’s remaining classes may be necessary and teacher and period changes may also result.  Similarly, AP to standard level changes may be made when plausible for the subject area (AP History, AP English, and AP Foreign Language).


Click HERE if you are requesting to drop a course or level change.